Exemplis Core Competencies


  • You are known for candor and directness.
  • You are non-political when you disagree with others.
  • You only say things about fellow employees you would say to their face.
  • You are quick to admit and take responsibility for mistakes.


  • You follow through on commitments to others.
  • You promote accountability in the team.
  • You act with a clear sense of ownership and self awareness.
  • You question actions that are not consistent with our company’s values or culture.


  • You consistently set aggressive goals and high standards.
  • You exhibit a sense of urgency and bias towards action.
  • You demonstrate consistently strong performance.


  • You listen to understand instead of reacting.
  • You are concise and articulate in speech and writing.
  • You treat people with respect independent of their status or disagreement with you.
  • You maintain calm and poise in stressful situations.


  • You pursue everything with positive energy, passion, and drive.
  • You are always willing to offer help and support to the team.
  • You have a can-do attitude and persevere in the face of obstacles.
  • You hold yourself to high standards in your behavior and interactions with others.


  • You know how to state a problem.
  • You can develop effective solutions to problems.
  • You make good decisions in identifying the best alternative.
  • You can innovate when necessary to create solutions.


  • You do what is best for Exemplis, rather than what’s best for yourself.
  • You are ego-less in dealing with others and in evaluating ideas.
  • You are a team player.
  • You share information openly and proactively.


  • You make wise decisions despite ambiguity.
  • You identify root causes of issues.
  • You can articulate what you are and are not trying to do.
  • You separate what must be done well now and what can be improved later.


  • You deal comfortably with the uncertainty of change.
  • You can adapt quickly to changing conditions.
  • You are calm and productive, even when things are up in the air.
  • You can make decisions without having the total picture.