Highly durable. Super sustainable.

Meet the industry’s first textile with 1 million double rubs.

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High traffic areas call for high performance products. That’s why we partnered with Momentum to bring you the first textile in the industry with 1 million double rubs. Discover an exciting new polyurethane technology for waiting rooms, exam rooms—and everything in between.

All four, high-abrasion resistant patterns feature a tough polyurethane layer constructed from a special, interlocking technology that eliminates the need for glue—resulting in a solid, extra-dense outer layer that won’t come apart over time. Translation? Seating solutions with better durability, higher performance overall and a longer product life cycle.

All Grade 3 patterns offer our 5-day lead time guarantee. Choose from Endurance (36 rich, high-pigment solids), Beeline (19 coated, linen weave-inspired styles), Eon (37 smaller-scale, tech-inspired textures), Canter (19 subtle, leather-like grain creates a luxe look).

In addition to being Greenguard-certified and LEED point-friendly, all patterns on this environmentally-friendly card are PVC-free, crafted with zero water and 56% less energy. Thanks to a total of 27 approved cleaners and a longer-than-normal warranty (ten years!), our Momentum Endurance collection is built-to-last.

To order memo samples, find your local sales representative or start building. Learn more about Momentum