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Phone Numbers

(888) 274-8664
SitOnIt Seating

(714) 995-4855
Fax Orders

Can I purchase product direct from SitOnIt Seating?
How do I locate my sales representative?
Can I purchase online?
Where can I find your current price book or online pricing tools?
Are there any order size requirements?
Where can I get a textile sample?
What grade is this fabric and is it approved for this chair?
Can I use a fabric outside of your carded program?
Can I select different fabrics on my chair?
Where do I send Customer Owned Material (COM)?
Can I request a product modification?
How do I place an order?
What is the typical lead-time to receive my SitOnIt Seating product?
How long does it take to process my purchase order?
My order acknowledgement says TBD, what does that mean?
My order is on hold, who do I contact to have it released?
What is graded hold?
What is a credit review hold?
How do I resolve my order with a credit review hold?
What is an incomplete hold?
What is a price hold?
What is a backorder hold?
How can I check the status of an order?
Can I change my order?
Can I cancel or return my order?
What are the freight terms?
Can I expedite an order?
What is the carrier tracking information for my order?
I received my order and chairs appear to have been damaged in transit?
I received my order and something is wrong.
What is the process for “Will Call” orders?
When will I be invoiced for my product?
How can I pay my invoices?
What is covered under warranty?
What is not covered under warranty?
How can I purchase replacement parts for my SitOnit Seating products?
How can I care for my product?
How do I get access to the Dealer Portal?
What are the benefits of the Dealer Portal?

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