Dedicated to sustainability

From the fabrics we select to how we run our corporate office, we work hard to minimize the impact of our operations. Our lean manufacturing practice provides the foundation for our sustainability strategy by eliminating waste, conserving resources and responsibly designing products for durability and extended life.

Simplify when you specify

We’ve partnered with ecomedes, the one-stop solution for finding sustainable products, ensuring you meet important environmental standards and certifications.

Build a better world

Our products, our promise and our passion for being good stewards of our planet – it’s all outlined in our latest social responsibility report.

Safe, sound and sustainable

We’re proud to support The Healthy Interiors Goal of the Safer Chemicals Challenge (version 2.3) by eliminating the use of formaldehyde, perfluorinated compounds, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), antimicrobials and all flame retardants in many of our products and textiles. Learn more about Healthier Hospitals and see everything we offer.

A zero-percent waste alternative

Our dedication to green processes begins with smart manufacturing and continues through every stage of the product lifecycle. Our Take Back program helps minimize waste by recovering surplus or end of life products – regardless of condition.

Disassembly Instructions
End-Of-Life Matrix
Sustainability Policy