State and Local Government

Communities or counties — police or fire stations — our wide array of state contracts and purchasing cooperatives, including OMNIA Partners, help support the public service sector with dependable solutions.

Federal Government

Procurement can be challenging, and you need a partner with experience. Our history with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA Contract #47QSMA18D08NQ) helps you answer the call with an array of products up to the task.

Built to last

We engineer solutions that stand up to the high demands of public sector spaces. Just about every product comes with a lifetime warranty — free from defects in its material and workmanship.

Project Spotlight: Al Udeid Air Force Base - Zink Lounge

When it comes to elevated experiences, Al Udeid Air Force Base knows their stuff. See how they used Paséa, Envoi and other popular collections to take their Zink Lounge to new heights (in design).

Government Applications


Make sure public sector leaders have the elevated spaces they require to focus on their mission by creating cohesive office and executive environments.


Create a space for connecting on the matters that matter most and ensure there’s the kind of lasting support necessary for any kind of meeting.


Give those who dedicate their everyday to serving the public the support they need — with the award-winning comfort and design of an industry leader.


Support coming together for the greater good — in groups large or small— and provide responsive, agile solutions that endlessly stack, shift, nest and more.


Offer those who are constantly looking to level up, the smart seating they deserve and promote productivity with design that elevates any training environment.

Lounge + Café

Curate across collections and create spaces that offer a chance to rest and recharge — with products that provide all-day durability and never compromise on comfort.