Solutions for any space

Healthcare is always moving forward. And keeping up requires collections that are just as smart, responsive and adaptable. Find everything you’re looking for in our latest guide.

Safer Spaces

There’s a critically important distinction between cleaning and disinfecting. Knowing the difference can help ensure safe environments every day. Learn more with our enhanced care and cleaning guide.

Project Spotlight: Illinois Eye Center

The creators of this installation in Pekin, Illinois, certainly had an eye for design – choosing Aviera, Freelance and Focus 2.0.

Project Spotlight: Healthcare Summit

This Millburn, New Jersey, location of the physician-driven, patient-centric network brightened up their spaces with the award-winning Movi and more.

Project Spotlight: Whole Family Healthcare

Our comfortable, supportive collections helped this Florida nonprofit community healthcare organization provide comfort every day.

Healthcare Applications

Welcoming + Waiting

Lasting support can be as important as first impressions, especially when managing patient satisfaction. Provide a sense of well-being with well-designed collections that comfort in all the ways you need them to.

Patients + Guests

Warm welcomes and comfortable waits are just the beginning of the patient (and guest) journey. Offer a calming, supportive experience that extends behind closed doors into the rooms and spaces where they often stay the longest.

Caregivers + Staff

Great care requires great support — the kind you get with solutions that promote productivity while reducing stress. Ensure wellness for everyone in the care process with ergonomic design.

Collaboration + Learning

Caring is a social experience, and breakthroughs can happen everywhere. Support coming together for the greater good with fixed and flexible collections.

Community + Café

The high demands of healthcare require a safe place to recharge and get away from it all — if even for a few minutes. Give guests, patients, staff and more the supportive products they need to take a break.

Conference + Office

Healthcare organizations need workplace products that are equally focused on providing support. Offer award-winning, reliable solutions for executives and administrators from the industry leader.