It’s friendly (ergo and eco)

The supportive, flexing back on Sprout provides extra ergonomics while the simple shell + frame construction makes it 100% recyclable (and super easy to maintain). It pairs a refined silhouette with rugged durability and stacks higher than any other chair we have.

Make room for vroom

Hexy is what happens when you let inspiration drive innovation – and engineer ergonomics right into the frame. It’s the ultimate task chair for action-packed (and comfort-backed) environments.

The desk for everyone

Escape the clutter (and kitchen table) with a desk designed for everyone. Featuring an array of color and finish options, the light-scale design and rounded ouch-free corners of Reya make it a perfect fit for any room. It takes only days to get and minutes to assemble with easy-turn legs – no tools needed.


Power innovation

Our brand-new eBEAM is a straightforward, streamlined solution for adding power to your workstations. With adaptable legs, multiple beam lengths and cable management options that make it practically mess-free, eBEAM is simply powerful (and powerfully simple).