Giving customers the power to do more (with less):
SitOnIt Seating consolidates to become a single destination for solutions

For almost 25 years, we’ve been a leader in the industry – and rank #1 in task chairs in the U.S. When customers paired our SitOnIt Seating products with sister companies IDEON and Symmetry, they could access a three-brand portfolio to build out their spaces. While their solutions were comprehensive, having to curate across three different brands offered an opportunity to streamline the experience. So, we’re doing what most innovative, forward-looking brands do: We’re making everything easier for our customers.

Creating a one-stop shop

By consolidating IDEON lounge and Symmetry workstation collections into a single SitOnIt Seating company, we’re becoming the all-in-one partner everyone – and every space – needs. We’re bringing our entire product portfolio together so that customers can think beyond brands and focus on solutions. 

We provide our customers the power to fill their spaces with whatever they need. And not just with cross-category solutions. Our one-stop philosophy includes our essential online resources and design and planning experts.

A partner in design

Our visualization tool, ChairBuilder, was revolutionary and is still regarded as the best in the industry. The new, enhanced platform, ChairBuilder+, expands those capabilities and creates a seamless experience for specifying, quoting and ordering by product or project. Our online design and planning resources provide easy-to-recreate templates for almost every environment – standard or socially distanced. And when customers need a one-of-a-kind approach, our in-house team of design and planning experts stands ready to turn product innovation into space inspiration.

Combined with our world-class customer service, industry’s fastest shipping, industry’s biggest textile program, award-winning designs and value unmatched by anyone else – the new SitOnIt Seating will be the one customers can count on.