Here are 4 things to think about when working from home

With many out-of-office messages set to “indefinite,” it’s important we try to keep our in-office routine. Practicing positive (and professional) habits will help us maintain our productivity while ensuring our wellness extends beyond the benefits of quarantine into everyday ergonomics and more. So how do we do it? Here are our top 4 tips for making the most of your daily telecommute.

Tip #1: Make it official

One of the many great aspects of our popular Wit collection is its new line of residential-inspired mesh fabrics. It’s considered a real blueprint for coziness in your office – because your home-away-from home should have the same kind of comfort. But there’s also value in bringing some of the office into your home. Creating a dedicated workstation helps productivity by limiting distractions and maximizing focus.

Tip #2: Keep it moving

When you’re in the office, you rarely spend the entire day in a single spot. So do the same at home. Move from focused work areas to places that provide quick bursts of inspiration – like the kind of open, social spaces that mix well with our multiple award-winning Mika.

Tip #3: Love your lumbar

“Work from home” shouldn’t mean “work from couch” – because most couches aren’t designed to support an active working posture like our Paséa. This collection of modular lounge features a built-in lumbar curve, soft edges and scaled seats to make lounging (and working) at length ergonomically sound.

Tip #4: Protect your neck

Laptops, tablets and smart phones – oh my. More often than not, these portable devices have us looking down all day, which can result in “tech neck.” Proper workstations provide a platform for ergo-friendly products and functionality such as monitor arms, height-adjustable desks and the all-new Focus 2.0.