Redtail Technology

SitOnIt fits the bill for diverse seating at fun tech company’s new office.


LOCATION: Sacramento, CA    

VERTICAL: Corporate

YEAR: 2017


SQ-FT: 28,000

SALES REP: Ted Flores

DESIGN FIRM: RMW Architecture & Interiors

DEALER: Vangard Concept Office (VCO)

PRODUCT: Focus Side, Lumin, Novo, Prava, Relay, Wit 

PHOTOGRAPHER: Josh Phillips Photography

After acquiring 28,000 square feet of new office space in Sacramento in early 2017, Redtail Technology was eager to provide its growing team with a new workspace that better reflected its casual, fun-loving culture. To make the most of their facility, Redtail enlisted the help of Amber Kelly of design firm RMW Architecture & Interiors to re-imagine the once optical laboratory as a more modern and open environment, with appropriate furniture to match. Fortunately, the company didn’t have to look far for a brand that had it all.

“Everything was very comfortable, customizable, and attractive.”



Having someone who understands employees best is essential to creating an employee-first environment. It was only natural then that Krysta Malonson, the Human Resources Manager at Redtail, became hands-on in the office remodeling process. Malonson revealed that the large floor plan of the new Sacramento office made for endless design possibilities thanks to features such as large windows, an outdoor backyard and a second story mezzanine. The company worked with Kelly to create an engaging, employee-centered office that houses a gym and a recreational room complete with video games and a ping pong table. The cherry on top? An actual built-in slide that takes employees from the mezzanine floor to the first. Due to the unique makeup of this atypical office space, Redtail needed a wide variety of comfortable yet customizable models to furnish all the different rooms.


Thanks to informative demos and showroom visits with SitOnIt Seating + IDEON’s Sales Representative Ted Flores, the Redtail team – including CEO Brian McLaughlin and COO Andrew Hernandez – were able to spend a day testing out multiple SitOnIt models. The final verdict? The team loved the selection available and decided on Lumin bar stools for the kitchen, Prava for board rooms, Novo for employee work stations, Relay nesters for the training room, Wit for conference rooms and Focus side chairs for private rooms throughout the office.

Both Redtail and RMW loved SitOnIt’s all-around variety of chairs at value-driven points, with Malonson adding, “Everything was very comfortable, customizable, and attractive.”

Following rave reviews from everyone in the office, the Redtail team already has a new order in for more Prava for the Sacramento location, in addition to an order for Novo for a new Atlanta, Georgia branch opening later this year.