An exciting new office expansion calls for a streamlined look.

When cloud communications platform Twilio announced its move to one of San Francisco’s historic buildings in the financial district to accommodate the now 600+ team, the leadership reached out to Senior Design Associate Zach Meade at Blitz to help clean up their look.

For the once scrappy start-up, that meant ditching the random mix of chairs the office had been accumulating since its launch eight years ago. With sleek modern interiors and a wall of windows overlooking the city, Twilio’s new headquarters clearly called for office seating that would not only match the cleaner aesthetic of the space but offer all the key features they were looking for at a value-driven pricepoint.

Since Twilio’s current seating consisted primarily of a mix of conference chairs that never really held up for developers working the long, demanding hours required of a Silicon Valley tech company, Meade knew that whatever option he suggested would have to deliver maximum comfort and easily adjustable features so that every employee would have personalized support at all times.

Choosing our Novo was, for the record, the quickest decision Twilio had ever made. Our Sales Representative Shawn Davis worked with the team at San Francisco-based dealership Two to arrange a sit test at Twilio—a test that resulted in a unanimous vote for Novo. The Twilio team loved the breathable mesh back, the mix and match frame options and most importantly, the strong, ergonomic design. The Novo’s comfort level was hailed as the best out of all the options tested out during the installation process.

Along with outfitting their conference rooms, Twilio just submitted additional Novo orders to furnish more of their individual workstations. For a constantly growing team like Twilio, it’s clear that having a go-to task chair makes scaling the business that much easier.