Prop up productivity

Introducing a whole new way to work. There’s sitting. There’s standing. And now there’s perching with Kickstand™. It’s an active alternative that provides limitless opportunities for body-benefitting postures, giving you the support you need to lean forward and focus on what’s in front of you.

sit to stand stool


  • Ergo-sculpted, bolstered seat alleviates pressure points while offering soft, flexible edges
  • Customize the cushion with access to thousands of fabrics
  • Lightweight frame with easy-grip handle means your new posture is always within reach
  • Included auto-return cylinder ensures the seat always faces forward
  • Streamlined ambidextrous controls makes it easy to adjust from either side for various work surface heights
  • Stable, non-slip base with responsive 360-degree pivoting support keeps you energized and productive
  • 250 lb weight capacity warranty
  • 5-year warranty


Frame Colors




  • Kickstand Brochure (4.4 MB)
  • Kickstand Price List (310.4 KB)
  • Kickstand Sell Sheet (2.9 MB)
  • Kickstand User Guide (692.4 KB)
  • Kickstand Assembly Instructions (745.4 KB)
  • Kickstand AutoCad 2D Files (42.9 KB)
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  • Kickstand Revit Files (995.1 KB)
  • Kickstand SketchUp Files (1.8 MB)