Our Materials Manifesto

Love our lead times? Thank our textiles.

When we first set out to build our brand, we saw that one of the biggest reasons people couldn't get customized chairs delivered quickly was the complicated, inconvenient world of textiles. If it wasn't the insane lead times delaying the installation, it was the fabric needing to go through testing (making the wait even longer) or worse, being forced to pick from a selection so limited, you had no choice but to settle for something less than ideal.

So we thought, why does it have to be so hard?

We believe personalizing your chair should be easy.

We also believe it should be super-intuitive (read: fast). We even think it should be kinda fun. (Because why not?)

That's why when we opened our doors over twenty years ago, the first thing we did was make sure we offered THE biggest, most competitive and user-friendly textile program in the industry.

Discover our 2, 5 and 10-day lead times and a competitive selection of over 1,200 carded options that are on-trend, high performance and ready-to-spec.

We’ve proudly built our materials program on 3 core tenets:

You first. Always.

From day one, we’ve always been about what our customers want, how they want it, when they want it. From the EASIEST COM/COL process you've ever experienced to our industry-leading, user-friendly spec tool (the first of its kind!), we make it mind-blowingly easy to envision, design and create the chair of your dreams. 

Technology-first. Innovation-driven.

We believe in being pioneers. Thanks to deep relationships with all of the top names in the industry, we're able to bring high-performance textile technologies to the market ahead of everyone else—from Momentum Endurance (a 6-month carded exclusive) to the very first 100% silicone option. (Because when we stay competitive, you can stay competitive.)

We stay relevant.

Discover up-to-the-minute styles all year long. Thanks to strong partnerships with every major brand in the industry, we’re able to maintain THE most on-trend selection of textiles on the market today. No one else can match how quickly we add new collections and update our existing portfolio.