Evolving education

The future of learning is active, engaging and always moving forward – and the solutions should be, too. Even the most tried-and-true institutions must keep up with the pace of change to avoid spaces that are old school. It all starts by providing the next generation of students with a new generation of products. Discover how we help education.

Geometry in motion

There's a new dimension of versatility and smart design. With only four shapes, you can configure (and reconfigure) countless places for learning.

Pop quiz: Do you know your high-performance textiles?

Sometimes, even the smartest of the bunch may asumme that vinyl, polyurethane and silicone are interchangeable. While these textiles share similarities, there are some key differences you should consider. Take a minute to learn how each one can meet specific needs, budgets and environments within education.

Drexel University project spotlight

Now that’s A+ ergonomic support. Our Focus® task chair and task stool brought superior comfort to this 55,000-square-foot lab at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA.

Solutions for Education


Meet the perfect study buddy.


See winning sit-ability + stack-ability.


Grab attention with the next generation of Focus.


Rethink what a modular lounge collection can do.


Huddle comfortably for any mode.


Nest with the best for students on the go.