Shift gears and move quickly

The way we get together and get things done is changing. The solutions we rely on to help need to evolve if we want to succeed. Otherwise, productivity, innovation and effectiveness could suffer. Learn the top 3 commandments of collaboration.

See how Mavic is here to prove that a jack-of-all-trades can be a master of all.


The making of Mavic

Discover how world-renowned designer Martin Ballendat created something entirely different — and exciting — in our new do-it-all collab chair.

See why the "Best of NeoCon" silver award-winning Mika sits above most others in its class.


Social trending

Take a closer look at the buzzworthy "Best of NeoCon" silver award winner and social space stacker.

Be different, together.

Boardroom to breakroom. Conference or casual. The one-of-a-kind design makes Ioniq ideal for all the ways we collaborate.