Lean back. Nest easy.

For all those quick meetings that end up being anything but, there’s Movi.

Ready to thrive 

Get multipurpose design and a 100% recyclable shell + frame with Sprout.

Comfort in motion

Discover what’s possible when innovation comes to life on the flexible Envoi.

The perfect study buddy

Let Qwiz make all your collaborations quick, easy and cleverly comfortable.

Beyond categories and across rooms

From corporate to healthcare to education (standard and socially distanced), take a look at our planning typicals and find the comprehensive solutions you need to create every space.


Build with the best

Our easy-to-use visualization tool, ChairBuilder+, is recognized as the best in the industry. With just a few clicks, you can see your solutions come to life on your screen – and in your space with augmented reality available for some products.


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